~ “It’s nothing personal. It’s only business.” Catchphrase of mafiosos and – categorical maxim of the future?

~ The opposite of evolving is not devolving. Etymologically, these words mean almost the same thing. The word that comes closest to being the opposite of ‘moving-out-from-volving’ is revolving – revolving despite a changing environment…This is important to bear in mind given that the overwhelming majority of species that have lived are now extinct.

~ Formula for a great artist: Not simply the ideas. More principally, the ability to hold to them like life-preservers in life’s accidents and drift. But some felicity in life, like a congenial companion, is almost always necessary to turn out what we call an Artist. Not so for that other kind of artist we call a Philosopher. He does best with consistent scorn, unjust dismissal, ostracism – in short, those treatments enforcing solitude. Only solitude instills him with the audacity to think his created world might be the world, and goads him forever on to make it become worth that Being. – And for those stuck in the middle? Life has bequeathed them the redoubled pain of inconsistency – or do they bring this on themselves for not sticking to a side? Whatever’s the case, it’s this inconsistency that’s most likely to jar one loose – to make him or her let go – and builds the most strength in hangers-on.

~ When one considers The Epic of Gilgamesh, when one considers The Odyssey, it seems almost inconceivable that the death-petrified, egotistical childishness that is the Christian church and its derivatives won out in the end. How was that which won the heart of the world so far from the life well lived? The answer: Empire drove man beside himself – and still does.

~ Christianity’s most lasting crime against humanity: As a result of being born of a tradition which denied the various impulses of life and the rightness of life itself, it came to deny death. In its own words, it “overcame” death. And whereas we have largely overcome (and outside the cloister and monastery were never at very much liberty to embrace) the denial of life, the denial of death is still at the heart of humanity’s present busyness … But what about the fourfold infinite repetition, my belief? Does this not obliterate death in the infinite repetition of life? No. On the contrary, it infinitely multiplies this death of yours and mine along with our lives. Death is still the world’s absolute boundary life is nonetheless constantly overcoming. This is the value of life.

~ Landed patrimony in the European peasantry: An illustration of how forcefully law can throw value out of balance. For it was this thematic “thorn” of Shakespeare, and not so much his thorn of the chaste (and thus, sadly, futureless) maiden ideal, which suppressed an unlearned (today we’d say “grassroots”) rebirth of the feminine creative principle in Europe, and gave them only the worship of Mary to express their half-conscious desire towards this rebirth. For indeed, the Virgin Birth means the Universe itself (as Mother!) infused with the miracle of the spirit that is human life. A blessed symbol, but how much more could these humble people have lived its loving worship without the dam of patrimonial law?

~ Embrace groundlessness – despoiling Mother of all things – for the future will be made by those who keep themselves bravely in insecurity.

~ Fear of love? Fear of commitment? – Please. As if we’re all such proud, self-possessing lions. If it’s actually fear here we’re talking about, and not aversion, it’s almost always fear of not being loved; fear of not being committed to. We should be more honest with ourselves, even if the truth is painful…But why not remain in the soft light of illusion about how lovable we are? Because our greatest weaknesses, accepted, can become our greatest strengths.

~ An information revolution lacking new ideas only accelerates what was already happening.