The War Of Terror, or, Down the Rabbit’s Hole of Disillusionment

Prefatory Note:

The following is intended solely as a series of signposts to spur your own thought and investigation. If you follow the crumb trail of information suggested here, diverging on your own investigative tangents as you see fit, your eyes will be opened to the utter nefariousness of a certain segment of our ruling class, and the ‘complicity in silence’ of a much broader swath of our society. I believe it is vitally important for each of us to come to terms with the dark truths of our nation’s most recent history, because while the sheer depravity of the truth regarding our leadership’s great “impia fraus,” which they have branded 9/11, may not be enough to immediately, decisively change the many people’s behavior in relation to our nation, it will certainly undermine anyone’s faith in our nation’s most prominent centers of power and our leadership’s overall agenda in acquiring and spending our wealth. For the emergence of each new faith to take hold (and I think not only America but the whole world is now in dire need of a new faith), an elder faith must die. In this case, our faith in the good of our nation’s direction withers upon simply seeing it for what it truly is. But it is even more important to remember this within this context: In respect to humanity’s common project of technological development, America is not exceptional. – It is merely the sharpest spear point at this time.

The Crumb Trail:

Begin with Building 7. Google it. Youtube it. Google Silverstein’s “pull it” comment. Don’t spend too much time with this (minor point); it’s just a hook. Google “Silverstein Dark Horse New York Observer.” Youtube “Wikileaks exposes 9/11 Conspirators!!!” Youtube “9/11 secondary explosions, Eye-Witness Testimony from Many…” You are now falling down the rabbit hole, but maybe still asking “why?” Wikipedia Building 7. Read the list of “tenants” to the end. Google “biggest gold heist in history”; “9/11 gold robbery.” Now for the kicker: Wikipedia “Opium Production in Afghanistan.” Google “Taliban’s ban on Poppy a Success.” Now you’re beginning to see the nefariousness of it all, but it gets worse. Youtube “9/11 military drone planes.” Watch some videos. Google “Alleged 9/11 highjackers alive.” Lastly, Wikipedia Ahmed Shah Massoud. Read it.

This crumb-trail will lead you through just a brief smattering of things I’ve stumbled upon looking into the 9/11 conspiracy. There is now likely ten times the information out there requisite to convince most anyone that the official narrative is complete crap. All you need to do is look. And if you want a stunningly well composed book on the subject, read Michael Rupert’s “Crossing the Rubicon.” So then, why are we all still sitting quietly about this?

Infernal Apathy:

If you actually followed my little ‘crumb trail,’ you’ll notice that the last point. “Wikipedia Ahmed Shah Massoud,” achieves nothing in proving 9/11 was an “inside job.” But to me it’s a vitally important point, because if it was people from our ruling elite who committed these horrible crimes, and they used military drone planes to do so and invented the whole story about the involvement of Arabian highjackers, then it would be an almost impossibly improbable coincidence for Al Quaida to have assassinated him two days before 9/11; Operatives of the real conspirators did. Massoud; educated warrior fighting for twenty-something years against the Soviets and then the Taliban; statesman fighting for a free and moderate Afghanistan where women have civil rights; hero of the Afghan people; nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and obvious choice for post-war Afghan president, and we had him killed with a bomb hidden in a video camera because he wasn’t the drug-dealing patsy we wanted overseeing our nationwide opium trafficking operation… Now that—is some nefarious shit.

But why am I using the first person plural here. They did it, right? Not us? Well, they may have done it, but we’re doing it. And not only now that we’re down the rabbit-hole, in a whole new world of geopolitics – the post 9/11 world, I like to call it. Ever since people started whispering about the truth of 9/11 and we turned the other way, we the people have slowly become increasingly complicit in the deaths of well over 100,000 people (this is a very conservative figure), many of them women and children, and the squandering of almost 1.5 trillion dollars (plus all the unfunded liabilities) of our own and our children’s money. We are just as much pawns in this game of avarice as the people who died on 9/11, only we’re asked to sacrifice slowly throughout the rest of our lives for the people who have brought about this post 9/11 world. – Be patriotic. Support our troops. Valorize young men’s stupidity above all else. When a young, misguided, Thanatos-driven man makes the moronic decision of going to a foreign land to kill people without even first looking on the internet about what and whom he’s doing it for, praise him for the rest of his life. And let the kids see you do it. If his leg gets blown off or part of his soul gets ripped out, subsidize him for the rest of his life; to be against that is blasphemy.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but somebody very dear to me, one of the kindest and most brilliant people I know, was turned to a shadow and almost destroyed by an opium addiction that started when he was just a kid. I would much rather give part of my paycheck to him for having recovered than to people who unthinkingly (and later somewhat knowingly) serve to make the atrocities of the War Of Terror possible (such adolescent opium addictions included), so they can preserve their hollow images of honor and avoid selflessly walking away from service (and the paycheck it promises) when that service begins to stink to high heaven. And certainly I would rather not be giving part of my paycheck to the people who carried out this whole impia fraus.

But I better shut up before one of them hears me. A delightful fruit of this War Of Terror is that I, an American citizen writing in America, could upon order of the president be imprisoned indefinitely by the military without right to trial by my peers if they deem this blog entry to be “providing significant support to an enemy force.” You don’t believe me? Google “News NDAA 2013,” read away, and welcome to Wonderland.


2 comments on “The War Of Terror, or, Down the Rabbit’s Hole of Disillusionment

  1. Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.
    Mark Twain

    • Anthony says:

      That’s a good one. But I still say it’s possible for a steel core building not containing any accelerants or explosives to burn down accidentally from a fire started by burning debris thrown from blocks away, ultimately making the building give way and collapse in the same manner a controlled demolition does. And I believe it’s possible that most Americans think this is possible.

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